Commit e07754bb authored by Noric Couderc's avatar Noric Couderc

Fix: Test had wrong method

Error messages were displayed when running the test
parent 86336b33
......@@ -102,8 +102,7 @@ public class SyntheticBenchmarkRunnerTest {
"4,2,loc2,java.util.ArrayList,boolean add(E),2\n" +
"5,3,loc3,java.util.TreeSet,boolean add(E),1\n" +
"6,3,loc3,java.util.TreeSet,boolean add(E),2\n" +
"7,3,loc3,java.util.TreeSet,boolean add(E),3\n" +
"7,3,loc3,java.util.TreeSet,boolean add(E),3\n";
Stream<Pair<TraceLoader.TraceData, BCBenchmarkPackage<?>>> benchmarks = tl.benchmarksFromTraces(
new StringReader(text), false);
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