Commit d8bafae9 authored by Noric Couderc's avatar Noric Couderc
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Fixed bug with runApplicationsMedian

It would fail if there are no samples. Now we filter to rule out the
values for which there are zero samples.
parent 179e2c1f
......@@ -176,8 +176,9 @@ open class PapiRunner(private val numRuns: Int, counters: CounterSpecification)
fun runApplicationsMedian(syntheticBenchmarks: List<BCBenchmarkPackage<*>>) :
List<PapiBenchmarkAnalyzer.BenchmarkRunData> {
val samples = runApplications(syntheticBenchmarks)
return {
BenchmarkRunData(it.first, it.second, medianLong(it.third))
return samples.filter { !it.third.isEmpty()}
.map {
PapiBenchmarkAnalyzer.BenchmarkRunData(it.first, it.second, medianLong(it.third))
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