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Commit 95e813a3 authored by Noric Couderc's avatar Noric Couderc

Enabled export of benchmarks results to JSON

'resultFormat' is the format in which the results are saved
'resultsFile' is the file in which the results are saved
parent f4279a93
......@@ -42,7 +42,9 @@ jmh {
// and averages the running time.
// We take single shot time (just run the benchmark once)
// Mode of the benchmark in ['avgt', 'sample', 'thrpt', 'ss', 'all']
// benchmarkMode = ['avgt']
// benchmarkMode = ['ss']
resultFormat = 'JSON'
resultsFile = project.file('jmh-results.json')
warmupIterations = 3
warmup = '1s'
fork = 1
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