Commit 67c313e7 authored by Noric Couderc's avatar Noric Couderc
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Removed unnecessary grouping

Before, only the data structure winning for most base structure sizes was saved,
this is not the case anymore.
parent 79d5baec
......@@ -69,21 +69,8 @@ class JMHProcessor {{ record.get(it)} =={ records[0].get(it)}})
val recordsByBaseSize = records.groupBy { it.get("Param: baseStructureSize") }
// Map from benchmark base structure size to record with maximum score
val bestRecords = recordsByBaseSize
.mapValues { (k, v) -> v.maxBy {
// We count the number of times the data structure has won
// (Computing a histogram of the data structure names)
val bestScoreHist =
bestRecords.values.groupBy { it!!.get("Param: datastructureName") }
.mapValues { (k, v) -> v.size}
return bestScoreHist.maxBy { (k, v) -> v }!!.key
val maxScore = records.maxBy { getWorstScore(it) }
return maxScore!!.get("Param: datastructureName")
class JMHProcessorException(override val message: String?) : Exception(message)
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