Commit 65ebc8f2 authored by Noric Couderc's avatar Noric Couderc
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Deleted unused function runFunctionMedian

parent d4b85008
......@@ -189,19 +189,6 @@ open class PapiRunner(numRuns : Int, counters: CounterSpecification) {
return result.toMap()
* Runs a function several times, gather the performance counters
* and returns their median
* @param numRuns Number of times the function should be ran
* @param function The function to benchmark
* @return A map from PAPI counter names to the median of their values over numRuns
fun runFunctionMedian(counter: String, function: () -> Unit): Double {
val data = runFunction(counter, function)
return medianLong(data)
fun runApplications(syntheticBenchmarks: List<BCBenchmarkPackage<*>>): List<Triple<BCBenchmarkPackage<*>, String, List<Long>>> {
// return { b -> runApplication(iterations, b) }
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