Commit 211686c4 authored by Noric Couderc's avatar Noric Couderc

Fixed code for running benchmarks from traces

parent 7ebee68e
......@@ -41,14 +41,17 @@ public class SyntheticBenchmarkRunner {
// We need to group applications by seed.
// (We are comparing applications with the same seed!)
Map<Long, List<BCBenchmarkPackage>> appsBySeed =
for (Long seed : appsBySeed.keySet()) {
Map<String, List<BCBenchmarkPackage>> appsById =
new TreeMap<>(
x -> x.getPlanIdentifier()
for (String id : appsById.keySet()) {
// We get the list of applications to compare
List<BCBenchmarkPackage> toCompare = appsBySeed.get(seed);
List<BCBenchmarkPackage> toCompare = appsById.get(id);
// Only similar things should be compared, hence
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