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......@@ -327,3 +327,57 @@ def addtwoints(context):
return reply
Requires both kif_utils and grafchart_utils.
Start a new terminal. Invoke roscore
Start a new terminal. Invoke dispatchservice
`cd ~/dev/grafchart_utils/ros/catkin_ws/src/grafchart/scripts/`
`source ../../../devel/setup.bash`
`rosrun grafchart`
Start a new terminal. Invoke jgrafchartbridge
`cd ~/dev/grafchart_utils/ros/catkin_ws/src/grafchart/scripts/`
`source ../../../devel/setup.bash`
Start a new terminal. Convert a keyframe folder to a statemachine and execute it, invoking functions using the dispatchservice.
`cd ~/dev/kif_utils/sample`
`source ../utils/scripts/setup.bash`
`source ../../grafchart_utils/utils/scripts/setup.bash`
`export SFCREPO=$(kifrepository -n)`
`extractkeyframedatafromdirectory keyframes_sequence_001 >keyframedata.txt`
`keyframedata2sfc $SFCREPO keyframedata.txt`
`sfclist $SFCREPO >statemachine.txt`
`sfc2dot statemachine.txt >statemachine.gv`
`dot -Tplain statemachine.gv >statemachine.plain`
`dot2jgrafchart statemachine.txt statemachine.plain >statemachine.xml`
`jgrafchart -s statemachine.xml`
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