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Added IP-version to the network information

parent 58fbb20d
......@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ if [ -n "$ListeningPorts" ]; then
#OUTPUT+="{ \"binding\": \"${Binding:--}\", \"port\": ${Port:--}, \"process-owner\": \"${Application:--}\", \"process-user\": \"${User:--}\", \"IPver\": \"${IPver:--}\", \"protocol\": \"${Proto:--}\" },"
OUTPUT+="{ \"binding\": \"${Binding:--}\", \"port\": ${Port:--}, \"process-owner\": \"${Application:--}\", \"process-user\": \"${User:--}\", \"protocol\": \"${Proto:--}\", \"firewall-rule\": $FWrule },"
OUTPUT+="{ \"binding\": \"${Binding:--}\", \"port\": ${Port:--}, \"process-owner\": \"${Application:--}\", \"process-user\": \"${User:--}\", \"protocol\": \"${IPver}:${Proto:--}\", \"firewall-rule\": $FWrule },"
done <<< "$ListeningPorts"
# Assemble the complete string (minus the final comma)
ListenStr=", \"listen-ports\": [ ${OUTPUT%%,} ]"
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