Commit fda92d32 authored by Vaios Papaspyros's avatar Vaios Papaspyros
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gp_parego.hpp: fixed the failed assertion issues due to different sample and observation sizes

parent 1c9648ee
......@@ -41,13 +41,18 @@ namespace limbo {
const Eigen::VectorXd& noises_bl = Eigen::VectorXd())
_raw_observations = observations;
_nb_objs = observations[0].size();
auto new_observations = _scalarize_obs(observations);
Model::compute(samples, new_observations, noises, bl_samples);
/// add sample will NOT be incremental (we call compute each time)
void add_sample(const Eigen::VectorXd& sample, const Eigen::VectorXd& observation, double noise)
this->_noises.conservativeResize(this->_noises.size() + 1);
this->_noises[this->_noises.size() - 1] = noise;
_raw_observations, this->_noises,
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