Commit fa81a073 authored by Jean-Baptiste Mouret's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mouret
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add `./waf docs` to compile the documentation from waf

parent ca70721a
......@@ -164,6 +164,10 @@ def shutdown(ctx):
if ctx.options.local_serial:
def build_docs(ctx):
s = "cd docs; make html"
retcode =, shell=True, env=None)
class BuildExtensiveTestsContext(BuildContext):
cmd = 'build_extensive_tests'
fun = 'build_extensive_tests'
......@@ -171,3 +175,7 @@ class BuildExtensiveTestsContext(BuildContext):
class BuildBenchmark(BuildContext):
cmd = 'build_benchmark'
fun = 'build_benchmark'
class BuildDoc(BuildContext):
cmd = 'docs'
fun = 'build_docs'
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