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added optimizer.hpp

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#include <tuple>
#include <Eigen/Core>
#include <boost/optional.hpp>
namespace limbo {
namespace opt {
// return type of the function to optimize
typedef std::pair<double, boost::optional<Eigen::VectorXd> > eval_t;
// return with opt::no_grand(your_val) if no gradient is available
eval_t no_grad(double x) { return eval_t{x, boost::optional<Eigen::VectorXd>{} } ;}
// get the gradient from a function evaluation
const Eigen::VectorXd& grad(const eval_t& fg) {
return std::get<1>(fg).get();
// get the value from a function evaluation
double fun(const eval_t& fg) {
return std::get<0>(fg);
// eval f without gradient
template<typename F>
double eval(const F& f, const Eigen::VectorXd& x) {
return std::get<0>(f(x, false));
// eval f with gradient
template<typename F>
eval_t eval_grad(const F& f, const Eigen::VectorXd& x) {
return f(x, true);
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