Commit de6902fa authored by Jean-Baptiste Mouret's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mouret
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[ci skip] docs - typo in prescript

parent d81a246e
set -x
echo "generating doxygen for Limbo, current path $PWD"
doxygen Doxyfile
......@@ -17,7 +18,7 @@ cp -r $BENCHMARKS/fig_benchmarks docs
echo "getting the latest regression benchmark result (needs to be in $HOME/limbo_reg_benchmarks)"
BENCHMARKS=$DIR/`ls -t $DIR | |head -n 1`
BENCHMARKS=$DIR/`ls -t $DIR | head -n 1`
cp $BENCHMARKS/regression_benchmarks.rst docs/reg_benchmarks.rst
cp -r $BENCHMARKS/regression_benchmarks_figs docs/fig_benchmarks
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