Commit d617fe09 authored by Jean-Baptiste Mouret's avatar Jean-Baptiste Mouret
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add some hints at the end of the configure

parent fa81a073
......@@ -85,13 +85,22 @@ def configure(conf):
all_flags = common_flags + opt_flags
conf.env['CXXFLAGS'] = conf.env['CXXFLAGS'] + all_flags.split(' ')
print conf.env['CXXFLAGS']
print 'CXXFLAGS:', conf.env['CXXFLAGS']
if conf.options.exp:
for i in conf.options.exp.split(','):
print 'configuring for exp: ' + i
conf.recurse('exp/' + i)
print ''
print 'WHAT TO DO NOW?'
print '---------------'
print '[users] To compile Limbo (inc. unit tests): ./waf build'
print '[users] Read the documentation (inc. tutorials) on'
print '[developpers] To compile the HTML documentation (this requires sphinx and the resibots theme): ./waf doc'
print '[developpers] To compile the benchmarks: ./waf build_benchmarks'
print '[developpers] To compile the extensive tests: ./waf build_extensive_tests'
def build(bld):
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