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......@@ -18,13 +18,13 @@ namespace limbo {
namespace init {
/** @ingroup init
Grid-based random sampling: for each bin, take a random sample until the total number of samples is equal to```samples``.
For instance, if bins = 5 and samples = 10, then put 2 random samples in each bin.
Grid-based random sampling: in effect, define a grid and takes random samples from this grid. The number of bins in the grid is ``bins``^number_of_dimensions
For instance, if bins = 5 and there are 3 inputs dimensions, then the grid is 5*5*5=125, and random points will all be points of this grid.
- ``int samples`` (total number of samples)
- ``int bins`` (number of bins)
- ``int bins`` (number of bins for each dimensions)
template <typename Params>
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