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A minimal documentation is (will be?) available on the wiki:
Documentation is available here:
Many mechanisms are inspired by [sferes2]( looking at the documentation of sferes2 might help.
- Antoine Cully (Pierre & Marie Curie University):
- Jean-Baptiste Mouret (Pierre & Marie Curie University):
- Antoine Cully (Imperial College):
- Jean-Baptiste Mouret (Inria):
- Konstantinos Chatzilygeroudis (Inria)
- Federico Allocai (Inria)
Main features
- Bayesian optimisation based on Gaussian processes
- Parego (Multi-objective optimization), experimental support for other multi-objective algorithms
- Generic framework (template-based), which allows easy customization for testing original ideas
- Can exploit multicore computers
- Experimental support for some multi-objective algorithms
Main references
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