Commit 4d699758 authored by Anders Nilsson's avatar Anders Nilsson

Q&D fix of inline declaration of gc_heapsize()

parent 28600ee9
......@@ -751,7 +751,7 @@ inline int gc_is_working(void) {return gc_working;}
inline int gc_workcnt(void) {return workcnt;}
inline float gc_workfctr(void) {return workfctr;}
inline unsigned int gc_allocated(void) {return allocated;}
inline int gc_heapsize(void) {return ((uint8*)otabletop)-gc_heap;}
int gc_heapsize(void) {return ((uint8*)otabletop)-gc_heap;}
void gc_finalize_all(void)
/* HERE BE DRAGONS... scan heap and run all finalizers */
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