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......@@ -38,6 +38,23 @@ If compiling elsewhere, if you have the same directory structure as
in /usr/local/cs/rtp, you can use the variable COMMON_DIR to the
location of the compiler and libs.
Makefile.fake is the file to use for building the http server
with fake capture.
When building, you can set options to change its behaviour.
To use a short frame sequence of images of numbers, define
SHORT_NUMBER_FRAME_SEQUENCE, for instance with the command line
To turn off fake motion, define NO_FAKE_MOTION
(note that you need separate-D options for each macro)
To use the film sequence (of man in corridor) but skip the first part
without motion, give START_FRAME a value>1. See fakecapture.c for details.
......@@ -60,6 +77,11 @@ terminals.
Then, you can browse to localhost:9999 to get an image
and to localhost:9091 to get motion information
Note: if you run just the fake_server without running the motion_server
on the same computer, you will get the output "ERROR connecting:
Connection refused" when motion occurs, as the fake_server
also sends motion notifications to localhost:9090.
The motion client (which polls a motion server) is run
(with the default parameters of polling localhost every second) as
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