Commit 6018c531 authored by Jorn W. Janneck's avatar Jorn W. Janneck

removed cruft

parent f6d0d57c
[{:dependencies {org.clojure/clojure {:vsn "1.8.0", :native-prefix nil}, org.clojure/data.csv {:vsn "0.1.4", :native-prefix nil}, org.clojure/tools.nrepl {:vsn "0.2.12", :native-prefix nil}, clojure-complete {:vsn "0.2.4", :native-prefix nil}}, :native-path "target/native"} {:native-path "target/native", :dependencies {org.clojure/clojure {:vsn "1.8.0", :native-prefix nil, :native? false}, clojure-complete {:vsn "0.2.4", :native-prefix nil, :native? false}, org.clojure/data.csv {:vsn "0.1.4", :native-prefix nil, :native? false}, org.clojure/tools.nrepl {:vsn "0.2.12", :native-prefix nil, :native? false}}}]
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