Commit 26e2050e authored by Jorn W. Janneck's avatar Jorn W. Janneck


parent 41df14c4
......@@ -48,6 +48,17 @@
;; If you write your amoeba functions, as you probably should, with parameters, please make sure that the
;; Evam variable is bound to an amoeba function itself, not to a factory. So, for instance, if I had the bad
;; judgment of sending the mindless divider into battle, I would have to do it like this:
;; (def Evam (create-mindless-divider 0.3))
;; This creates a specific mindless divider amoeba function, which then can be picked up from that variable and
;; used to create a genesis specification. This latter bit is the job of the tournament organizer, i.e. me.
;; From now on, all amoebas will be created by a factory, because they usually depend on some parameter.
;; Like this one. It's nasty, because when it sees someone it doesn't like, it unceremoniously whacks it over the head.
......@@ -80,8 +91,8 @@
;; The following are a few target selector functions.
;; They take three arguments:
;; hs: a non-empty sequence of potential target positions,
;; species: the species of firendlies
;; hs: a non-empty sequence of potential target positions
;; species: the species of friendlies
;; env: the environment function
;; They return one of the elements in hs.
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