Commit f2b3e338 authored by Christoph Reichenbach's avatar Christoph Reichenbach
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Expose array field types

parent 7c0849e1
......@@ -30,10 +30,15 @@ aspect TypeAnalysis {
TypeDecl implements TypeDefinition;
TypeVarDecl implements TypeDefinition;
Type implements TypeDefinition;
syn TypeDefinition Type.qualifiedTypeDefinition() {
syn IdDecl Type.memberLookup(String s) {
TypeDefinition td = (TypeDefinition) getIdUse().lookup().getDecl();
return new QualifiedTypeDefinition(td, getTypeQualifiers());
return td.memberLookup(s);
syn TypeDefinition Type.qualifiedTypeDefinition() {
return this;
// The following gives us the type of the expression if and only if we know the type precisely
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