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Clarification on one of the examples to address a misunderstanding.

parent aa764e36
......@@ -143,6 +143,11 @@ Where:
- `8 4` is the source location of the second assignment
- `null 3 50` is the source location in which `null` occurs in `null_producer` (from which it can make its way into `p.fst`).
Note that `p.fst` will not point to `n`: the content of `n` will flow into `p.fst`, however; in Andersen's analysis,
this translates into an inclusion edge (after some steps of analysis). Since nothing in this code calls `main`, we can't see what `n` will point
to, so that inclusion edge will have no effect. (You may optionally model user input to the program as a special program location,
but we don't require that.)
Likewise, for the input:
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