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Updated Exercise 3 description (relaxation)

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......@@ -86,8 +86,9 @@ For each variable that is a `nonnull`, you will print:
- If it can point to null, the line and column where the null was created.
- An suitable marker if the variable may be assigned `null`.
- We consider that integers are objects.
- `nonnull` variables here include formal parameters, return values, and the parameters to the special
operations for array indexing and field load/store.
- `nonnull` variables here include formal parameters and return values that are declared `nonnull`, as well as the implicit parameters to:
- array indexing (both base and index)
- field load/store (base only).
The format follows the structure::
......@@ -106,6 +107,8 @@ Here:
You may print other lines (e.g. for debugging), as long as they do not start with `N`.
If you wish, you an omit `NA`, `NO`, and `NI` output in cases where the variable cannot point to `null`. This requires a few more lines but produces cleaner output (as in our examples).
- `obj` means that the variable points to an object
- `null` means that it points to a null literal. You must keep track of the source location of that particular `null` literal. Hence it has a line number and a column number.
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