Commit 3b2e13a8 authored by Anders Nilsson's avatar Anders Nilsson
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Fixed bug(?)

parent b7465562
......@@ -348,7 +348,7 @@ aspect GenRewrites {
// Rearrange device nodes on the AST to get away from the
// current diagonal style from Protege
pStream.println(ind(1)+"rewrite "+name()+" {");
pStream.println(ind(2)+"when (!isTopElement() && getAttribute(0) instanceof RdfId)");
pStream.println(ind(2)+"when (!isTopElement() && !(getAttribute(0) instanceof RdfId))");
pStream.println(ind(2)+"to ClassUse {");
pStream.println(ind(3)+"ClassUse use = new ClassUse();");
pStream.println(ind(3)+"use.setOwlIdentifier(new OwlIdentifier(\""+name()+"\"));");
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