Commit a0493ef9 authored by Alexandru Dura's avatar Alexandru Dura
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Add a test script using pwntools

parent ddb285d5
......@@ -15,8 +15,5 @@ clean:
rm -f *.o sh core out
rm -r test-dir-*
shell-test: shell-test.c
$(CC) -D_DEFAULT_SOURCE -Wall $< -o $@
test: main shell-test
./shell-test `pwd`/$(OUT) -n
test: main
python3 ./ ./$(OUT)
from pwn import *
import time
# timeout is in seconds, 1s would be enough for the "default" case
def test_cmd(cmd, expstr=[], lines=1, timeout=1, mintime=None):
# print(cmd)
t0 = time.time()
if expstr != []:
outstr = p.readlines(numlines=lines, timeout=timeout)
t1 = time.time()
# discard the rest of the output
# verify whether the command finished too early
if mintime and (t1 - t0) < mintime:
log.failure(f"Test for {cmd} failed: The command finished earlier than expected.")
return False
# expect empty result
if expstr == []:
log.success(f"Test for {cmd} passed.")
return True
# output number of lines is different
if len(expstr) != len(outstr):
log.failure(f"Test for {cmd} failed: Expected {expstr} but got {outstr}")
return False
for ous, exs in zip(outstr, expstr):
ous = ous.strip().decode()
if (exs not in ous):
log.failure(f"Test for {cmd} failed: Expected {exs} but got {ous}")
return False
log.success(f"Test for {cmd} passed.")
return True
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len(sys.argv) != 2:
log.error(f"Run as f{sys.argv[0]} SHELL_EXEC")
shell_exec = os.path.abspath(sys.argv[1])
with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as tmpdir:
os.chdir(tmpdir)"Working in {tmpdir}")
elf = ELF(shell_exec, checksec=False)
p = elf.process()
test_cmd('pwd', [tmpdir])
test_cmd('/bin/pwd', [tmpdir])
test_cmd('echo Hello!', ['Hello!'])
test_cmd('ls -a',['. ..'])
test_cmd('touch file1.txt')
test_cmd('touch file1.txt; ls', ['file1.txt'])
test_cmd('echo world &',['world'])
# test_cmd('echo hello && echo world',['hello','world'],lines=2)
# test_cmd('sleep 3 && echo world &',['world'],lines=2,timeout=1)
test_cmd('sleep 3 ; echo hello', ['hello'],timeout=4,mintime=3)
test_cmd('echo Hi > file2.txt')
test_cmd('cat < file2.txt', ['Hi'])
test_cmd('cat < file2.txt > file3.txt; cat file3.txt',['Hi'])
test_cmd('cat file2.txt | wc -l',['1'])
test_cmd('cat file2.txt | cat | cat | cat | cat | wc -l',['1'])
test_cmd('echo 1 && echo 2',['1','2'], lines=2)
test_cmd('echo x | cat | wc -l && echo 2', ['1','2'], lines=2)
test_cmd('sleep 2; echo Done',['Done'],timeout=3)
test_cmd('cd /home; cd -; pwd',[tmpdir,tmpdir], lines=2)
test_cmd('cd /home; cd -; cd -; cd -',[tmpdir,'/home',tmpdir], lines=3)
test_cmd('cd .; pwd',[tmpdir])
test_cmd(f'cd /home; cd ..; pwd; cd {tmpdir}',['/'])
test_cmd(f'cd /home; cd ..; cd ..; cd ..; pwd; cd {tmpdir}',['/'])
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