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Added swap for Lab4.

parent 22093991
#include "vm/swap.h"
#include "bitmap.h"
#include "threads/synch.h"
#include "threads/vaddr.h"
#include "devices/block.h"
static struct block *swap_partition; // this might not need to be saved here
static struct bitmap *swap_freemap;
static struct lock swap_lock;
/* this must be called at the right time */
void swap_init() {
swap_partition = block_get_role(BLOCK_SWAP);
if(swap_partition) {
unsigned npgswp = block_size(swap_partition)/SECTORS_PER_PAGE;
printf("Swap size is %d pages.\n",npgswp);
swap_freemap = bitmap_create(npgswp);
bitmap_set_all(swap_freemap, true);
/* returns the index of the swap page storing the given memory page */
size_t swap_out(const void* kpage) {
size_t index = BITMAP_ERROR;
index = bitmap_scan_and_flip(swap_freemap, 0, 1, true);
if(index != BITMAP_ERROR) {
block_sector_t swap_offset = index*SECTORS_PER_PAGE;
for(block_sector_t i=0;i<SECTORS_PER_PAGE;i++) {
// printf("swap out %p to %d\n", kpage+i*BLOCK_SECTOR_SIZE, swap_offset+i);
block_write(swap_partition, swap_offset+i, kpage+i*BLOCK_SECTOR_SIZE);
return index;
bool swap_in(size_t page_index, void* kpage) {
bool ok = false;
if(bitmap_contains(swap_freemap, page_index, 1, false)) {
/* the swap page contains something (not free) */
block_sector_t swap_offset = page_index*SECTORS_PER_PAGE;
for(block_sector_t i=0;i<SECTORS_PER_PAGE;i++) {
// printf("swap in %d to %p\n", swap_offset+i, kpage+i*BLOCK_SECTOR_SIZE);
block_read(swap_partition, swap_offset+i, kpage+i*BLOCK_SECTOR_SIZE);
ok = true;
return ok;
void swap_free(size_t page_index) {
// lock_acquire(&swap_lock);
bitmap_mark(swap_freemap, page_index); // this is already atomic
// lock_release(&swap_lock);
void swap_destroy() {
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