Commit dbc545c0 authored by Jesper Öqvist's avatar Jesper Öqvist
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New release R20130212

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2013-02-12 Jesper Öqvist <>
* New release: 20130212
2013-02-10 Jesper Öqvist <>
* Removed obsolete file Makefile.deprecated
<h1>JastAdd2 Release R20121112
<h1>JastAdd2 Release R20130212
<h2> Binary distribution </h2>
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
<h1>Reference manual for JastAdd2 R20121112
<h1>Reference manual for JastAdd2 R20130212
......@@ -17,14 +17,14 @@ echo "# 2. Create the release zip files and"
echo "ant release"
echo "# 3. Create a new dir at"
echo "ssh \"umask 002;"\
"mkdir /cs/jastadd/releases/jastadd2/${VERSION}\""
echo "ssh \"mkdir /cs/jastadd/releases/jastadd2/${VERSION}\""
echo "# 4.1 Upload the zip files and appropriate documentation to"
echo "scp jastadd2.jar doc/*.html doc/*.php\\"
echo "${VERSION}"
echo "# 4.2 Make sure the new files have group write permission"
echo "ssh \"chmod -R g+w /cs/jastadd/releases/jastadd2/${VERSION}\""
echo "# 5. Cleaning up"
echo "rm -f"
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