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* <2020-02-13 Thu>
- SIMD optimizations
* <2020-02-25 Tue> OpenMP tasks
* <2020-02-27 Thu>
** MPI
- Aurora nodes are managed by SLURM
- run only with exclusive access to nodes
- mpiexec --bind-to core ./processor_mpi
** Point-to-point communication
- eager vs rendezvous data transfer protocolos
- use synchronous send for development, then move to normal send to make code faster
Question: analysis tools for avoiding race conditions in OpenMP, or avoiding deadlocks in MPI
- there is no widely accepted answer;
- people are mostly relying on dynamic analysis tools, like Scalasca
- JH is available for more discussions in the autumn semester
* <2020-03-03 Tue>
- ARM DDT parallel debugger
- ~module load arm-forge~
- ~ddt~
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