Commit 422977b0 authored by Jesper Öqvist's avatar Jesper Öqvist
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Updated source target for Java7FE

parent 3fb1a1e2
......@@ -207,26 +207,24 @@
<target name="source" depends="build" description="Build a source distribution">
<jar destfile="Java7Frontend-src.jar">
<fileset dir="..">
<target name="source" description="Build a source distribution">
<zip destfile="">
<zipfileset dir="." prefix="Java7Frontend">
<!-- include frontend source files -->
<include name="Java7Frontend/*.java"/>
<include name="Java7Frontend/**/*.ast"/>
<include name="Java7Frontend/**/*.jrag"/>
<include name="Java7Frontend/**/*.jadd"/>
<include name="*.java"/>
<include name="**/*.ast"/>
<include name="**/*.jrag"/>
<include name="**/*.jadd"/>
<!-- include parser and scanner -->
<include name="Java7Frontend/**/*.parser"/>
<include name="Java7Frontend/*.flex"/>
<include name="**/*.parser"/>
<include name="*.flex"/>
<!-- include buildfile used to build the frontend -->
<include name="Java7Frontend/build.xml"/>
<include name="build.xml"/>
<!-- include readme and licence -->
<include name="Java7Frontend/README"/>
<include name="Java7Frontend/licences/JastAddJ7"/>
<include name="README"/>
<include name="licences/JastAddJ7"/>
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